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Creddie OR Seddie?

If you like ICARLY, read my blog.

If you like ICARLY relationships, Check my blog.

If you Like Freddie, from ICARLY, then your at the right "direction",{blog}.

Because this blog is about Carly, and Sam, But mostly, it's about Freddie. I ♥ Freddie!!!!! Don't you? How can you NOT love him. I mean really, he's HOT. {dreaming about Freddie, opens eyes O_O} sorry, i was thinking about..... Freddie......{sighs, loving-ly} ♥ ♥ ♥...... And uh.... Anyways, I want your opinion on something... Some people like Creddie {Carly and Freddie} and some people like Seddie {Sam and Freddie} So, it's CREDDIE VS SEDDIE, or CREDDIE OR SEDDIE. So tell me who YOU love most, in your opinion. CREDDIE or SEDDIE. Until, at least 20 people comment, I will make another blog and say who is the "relationship" winner. And also, If a person comments first second third fourth and fifth, They will get to see a pic of me. xD. I know. You don't care. LOL. -_-..... ^_^. So...uh....Yeah.....That's all...MAKE SURE YOU COMMENT WHO YOU LIKE BETTER!!!! That's all.....for now..... Thx so much if you read all this....

I also made a picture of Creddie OR Seddie...It's red...WITH HEARTS!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥......... If you find it, leave a comment and tell me if you like it or not.

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