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Friend to Enemy: Dating Plan

Narrator 1: Carly's Plan was to Distract Gordon, by telling him the Student Council needs one more volunteer for Student Council. The only problem was, she didn't sign up at all! So what she did was rush into the student council meeting and asked of she could join. The Boss of the Student Council replied: "Oh ho ho! Silly Girl!" He patted her head. She disliked that...a lot... The Boss was a sweet man, fat, and bald, but sweet man. "You had to be the most voted for your class, and the boy who was the most voted in your class was...Gordon!" Carly replied in a quiet voice: "Oh... Well, what about room 6?" Which was Nikki's Classroom. The Boss checked and answered: "It's Nikki! Oh she's such a sweet girl!" Carly said in a anxious voice: "Heh... Yeah she is....." And just left the Student Council Meeting rapidly.

Narrator 2: Victoria was speaking to Nikki, but Carly interuppted them and said: "Oh! Pardon me! I just need to speak to her for a sec! hold on!" She grasped Victoria. She was angry and red as a tomato filled with Ketchup. Victoria asked: "o_o.... What's wrong Carly? Speak!" Carly was speechless... She tried not screaming in disappointment. "EVERYTHING!!! EVERYTHING IS JUST FREAKING HORRIBLE!!! EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She screamed so loud, everybody in the school heard her. Everyone went to see what's wrong. So they thought of something FAST. Carly pretended she was screaming in pain. "OWWW!!!! AHHH!!!!!! MY ARM!!! I THINK I BROKE MY ARM!!!!!!!!" So the nurse came and put her in a cast she couldn't get out of.

Narrator 1: There was even more trouble. She was more angrier and more red then ever! She tried calming down but couldn't. "SEE!?!? LOOK HOW I AM NOW!!! I BLAME YOU!!!" She pointed at Victoria with her one free hand.

"HUH?!?! WHY ME?!?!"


"I just wanted to know how you were feeling. ok? I'm sorry. Tell me what happened with Gordon!"

"-_-...Horrible things.... Just...... Horrible...... First, I wanted to check out to see if I could join, but I couldn't cause Gordon is already in Student Council."

"Isn't that a good thing?"

"LET ME FINISH!!!! .........Thank you. Anyways, I found out that Nikki is in Student Council too... Cause she got most voted.... Since everyone likes her.. -_-...... And Gordon........"

"Oh no! This is Terrible!"

"Yeah...... And Next thing you know, They spend time together, kiss, get married, Happily ever after!!! -_- AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH I HATE MY LIFE!!! I CAN'T EVEN GET THE HOTTEST BOY IN SCHOOL!!! UGH!!! THAT'S IT!!! SHE'S GONE TOO FAR!!! I'M GOING TO TELL YOU WHAT THE PLAN IS, FOR TONIGHT!!! OK?"

"..........Ok..........." Victoria was terrified of what the plan was. What could it be? :o

Narrator 2: Meanwhile, Nikki and Gordon were laughing together and having a great time, while eating their delicious food. Gordon said: "Oh man, I have to go to Student Council! Sorry! Talk to you after school!" As he was about to rush to the Student Council meeting, he stopped when he heard Nikki's voice yelling "WAIT!"

She said: "Oh my goodness! I have Student Council too!"

"AWESOME!" He was so happy!

As they both walked to the Student Council Meeting, he held her hand. She sweated. "Um....?" Gordon realized she wasn't comfortable with that, so he let go and apologized. She said: "No, no, It's fine." She smiled. He smiled back.

~After school, at Gordon's Place~

Narrator 1: His Place, was like a mansion.... He had almost everything! Nikki was surprised. "Wow... It's....." She was speechless. Gordon asked: "Should we do the homework first?" Nikki didn't want to be rude, so she said nicely so they could have a snack first. Gordon agreed. They both got a juice box and a strip of bacon. There were only one strip of bacon so, they shard it each. Half and half. As Nikki entered "the study room", it was peaceful and quiet. Just the way she liked it. 2 Computers, 1 Laptop (in case needed), A desk for studying, Lamp, and so on. They were helping eachother. It only took 15 minutes for them to do their homework! Thanks to Gordon! Since he liked her, he wanted to ask her out on a date, but was shy. See, Gordon isn't just a handsome, man. He's shy and quiet. Not too confident either. Nobody knew that about him, except his mother. His father, no, because he's been away for 6 months, to work. His father is a workaholic. Anyways, Gordon approched to Nikki and asked in a shy voice: "I....uh.... um.... I, uh.., uh.......say...." He kept on stuttering, then cleared his voice: "AHEM!!" Nikki was confused... Gordon asked: "I want to say something to you." Nikki waited for his question...."Yes???....." Gordon finally asked: "I was thinking, if we could go on a date... tonight... Are you ok with that?" He smiled nervously. Nikki gasped. "F-f-f-f-for real?!? :O" Gordon laughed "YES!! :D" Nikki replied: "Yes! Sure!" Gordon said: "Yes! I'll see you tonight!" Before she left, she asked him a question of what resturant will it be. He answered: "Classy Night." Nikki was surprised because that resturant is the most classic, resturant. And it's premium! I guess Gordon's a millionaire! More!

Narrator 2: Oh my goodness! Carly and Victoria heard everything what Gordon and Nikki were saying, because they were behind the Window of Gordon's! Sneaky Teenagers these days! Carly was ready to explode! Carly said: Gordon....asking......Nikki....out?!!?!? And taking!?!?!

She Groaned louder than ever. "UGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Victoria tried relaxing her but couldn't. That was it for Carly. Carly had it! This time, Carly's plan was so evil, not even a criminal could think of the plan Carly was thinking!

How evil was Carly's Plan? And What was her Plan? Tune in, in the next chapter!

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Thank you so much, from reading my genius chapter! :D

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