Hey guys, yes i know I've taken a LONG time to make blogs. I've been busy with school and stuff :/

But, I'm BACK! :D *Awkward Silence* *Crickets Chirping*

.....Anyways, so Halloween is coming soon! Well, I should say in a while...I was wondering, what do you guys wanna be for Halloween, or what are you gonna be for Halloween?

Why am I asking? Because I am gonna create what YOU wanna/gonna be! :D

You don't know what I mean? Look at the freakin title....It says it all......

I should probably give credit for the website. Dress ups created by "DollDivine". (I love that site! :D)

The dressups are for men and women (mostly girls). If there's a design I can't create, I'll probably draw it instead (but the prob is, it will MAYBE suck, but I'll try my best.) If I can't create your design, or if you wanna/gonna be nothing for Halloween, I'll just draw/dress up how you look like. :)

If you wanna or gonna be nothing for Halloween, I will need your eye color, hairstyle, etc..

I'll give you an exemple of mine:

Eye color: Green

Skin Color: Fair

Hairstyle: Straight or Wavy

Clothes: White T shirt, Blue Jeans, and White running shoes

Accesories: None

So yeah, something like that. For those of you who are not gonna be anything on Halloween, your requests will be here. Here's mine. And by the way, for the boys, I will try my best making you :)

Normal People :P




And for the people who ARE gonna be something for Halloween, YAY! :D I'm gonna be something for Halloween too. Imma be a pirate! ARGH! :P

Halloween Costume requests:



For bill


For mango


So yeah, COMMENT BELOW what you wanna or gonna be and I'm gonna make it for you! :D



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