Hey guys, Sorry I've been away! I have been really busy!

Fact: This is NOT a fanfiction of an icarly story.

This is about me.

The only reason I've been away is because I have lots of stuff going on in my life. It's mostly about school. I know I come here a few times, but for now, no.

I won't tell you my schedule, but I'll tell you what I have. Swimming, Dance class, Greek Class (not anymore), Homework Program, Orchestra classes, Choir, and Basketball. Plus, other school stuff, like French, Science, Religions, Spelling, Memorizing Poems, Music classes, Math, Language arts, blah blah blah, etc... AND, there's a concert coming up this Saturday. And I'm in Choir, Orchestra AND Dance (It's bollywood, btw. I know I'm not Indian, but I like learning other people's religions, and their music. k? k). And I have to be there from 12 pm, to 8:00 pm. o_o. -_-. fml fml fml fml fml fml fml fml fml fml fml fml fml fml fml fml AND. FML -_- (Fu..... my life. y'know what I mean. I hope. ._., Cause It's obvious. Hint: It's not fun. It has four letters, so yeah. U know.) I thought it would be fun to join those stuff, but, I thought wrong. NEVER....AGAIN...... So yeah, I now have a life. PLUS, there's a Spring Concert, in June. 5 more weeks. UGGHHHH, I don't even have time to myself. Plus, I have to take care of my mom, cause her leg is hurting BADLY. She doesn't wanna go to the hospital and leave me alone. COME ON!!! I'M OLD ENOUGH!! Jeez, my mom is like Freddie's mom. -_______________-.


Yeah, at that point, Creddie's right. It is UGH! -_-. I can't wait until there's no school. Can't......wait.......

So yeah, that's my life now.

Comment Below, if you want to ask questions! (I'm pretty sure nobody cares about my life, but who cares, if I said it, I said it, so....yeah....I just didn't want you guys, like worrying about me, saying OMG WHERE'S ICARV?!?!?! Because now, I said it. I have a life......for now......You guys don't even care, but....... yeah......

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