Hello everyone that's on icarly wiki, and victorious wiki, and glee wiki, and whoever is on other wiki's. Anyways, i just wanted to remind you all that it's my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

♪Happy birthday to me

i'm now fine and free

ouch, i crashed into that treeeeee......

Happy meeeeeee.....and WIKIIIIIII♫...Done....LOL

That's why my name is Icarvicious,22. My birthday is on the 22 of october, which is today. What is so strange, is that i try and try to put my birthday on my profile page, and i save, but it's not there....Weird..... Anyways That's All for now....I will make other blogs for another time....If you want to contact me, It will be on my profile page. I'm going to edit my profile page now....

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