Hay Guise! Eh Wil bea speekin liek thees fo oanlee dis blawg. lolzzzzzzz.

Translation: Hey Guys! I will be speaking like this for only this blog. lol.

LOL, Jk. I just wanted to speak like hat cause i never do. Anyways, I made a cartoon request a few months ago (click here if you still wanna see it: But now, I'm making a different thing like this (Although it is going to be similar and more cooler. :) )

So, Here's my Cartoon with my pet :)

My Cartoon Character

Me as Snow White

What I'm wearing:

Snow white Gown

Snow white Eyes

Snow white hair

snow white Shoes



So You get it now? no? Ok, Look, I'll explain it to you. Comment below for what you want your cartoon to look like. Also, YOU CAN PICK YOUR OWN PET!! Any kind. :)

Also, You can pick your own room! and furniture! :) SO COMMENT BELOW AND TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT :D


Carlaay's 3D cartoon

Carlaay's 3D Cartoon

Yoshi's 3D Cartoon

Yoshi's 3D Cartoon

LotStar's 3D Cartoon

Lotstar's 3D Cartoon

Kogan's Cartoon

Kogan's 3D character

Sfg's 3D Character

Sfg's 3D character

Bill's 3D Cartoon

Bill's 3D cartoon

Xx's 3d Cartoon

xx's 3d Cartoon

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