Hey, This is a drawing game which I like to call...... *drumroll* "Draw Until You Drop"... :)

So anyway, I'll tell you guys how this game works..


One person will be drawing something that the other people don't know... People will try to guess what it is. If more than 20 people don't guess the right answer, The person will have to say what it finally is. If a person gets it right, then the person who drew will say "Correct! (whatever the drawing is) IS THE RIGHT ANSWER!!!" If more than one person gets it right... Then you are one lucky cow! The person who guesses the drawing FIRST, They're going to have to draw next...... Good luck!... And NO CHEATING


If you get the right answer:


Quick Draw of Ariel

Person 1: Umm.... MERMAID

Person 2: A fish?

Person 3: That girl from the little mermaid!!! Ariel!!!

Me (ICarv): Correct!!! Ariel is the RIGHT ANSWER!!!

If you get the wrong answer:


Quick Draw of Ariel

Person 1: Tail?

Person 2: Bikini

Person 3: Sea

Person 4: Um.... Uh..... Ocean?

Person 5: Body?

Person 6: A red-haired mermaid creature thingy

Person 7: A red-Haired Monster!!

Person 8: Rock...?

Person 9: O.o

Person 10: o_o....Um....IDK

Person 11: Big lips?

Person 12: The sky...

Person 13: Blue...

Person 14: closed eyes?

Person 15: Eyelashes?

Person 16: Smile

Person 17: Pink lips..

Person 18: A hot, sexy mermaid

Person 19: I'm sexy and i know it

Person 20: LOL

Me (ICarv): AWWW SHUCKS!!! Noone got it.... The answer was Ariel... Good try though..

Good Luck to all of you and draw as good as you can.

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