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August 2, 2013
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    As you know, I have been on the internet since 1983.  That means I come from the era of ARPANET, teletype terminals, text-only browsers, UUCP, Usenet, 100 baud modems, and NSFNET.

    The most important thing I learnt about the internet in this era is that it was built initially by very few things: The Department of Defense of the United States' Military establishment, the US DoD scientific and engineering researchers, the US DoD civilian contractors, and US University researchers.  This was followed up by the Government communication, academia in general, Corporate America, and European followed by world-wide scientific concerns.  In 1990, the US DoD handed control of the internet backbone in the United States to the National Science Foundatio…

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    First, please remember on the iCarly pages that we are all on the same side.  It has got far too contentious around here.  The Seddie page has given many examples of what NOT to do on an open forum.

    The first thing is to be respectful of everyone else.  This means many things.

    One facet is that there should be no ad hominem attacks against users, someone who is not as harsh as you are with respect to Jennette, Madisen, and Nathan is therefore not critical.  We have all done similar analyses of what they have done and have come to our own conclusions.  They may not be yours because we evaluate different actions differently and have different points of view.

    Another is that there should be no ad hominem attacks against actors, actresses, etc., su…

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    As a side note, I wanted you to understand the thought process that goes into the thought process by which Jennette WNFS, her actions thereafter, and the reactions thereto.  This is also an object lesson in why you should never go *too* overboard when you retaliate against someone who has aggrieved you.

    Recall that I was bullied because I was the first non-white in my upper-middle-class suburb; as a kindergartener, teachers used to help the big kids beat me up.  I was bullied in middle school and fought back lots of times - although I always lost.  I vowed that the next time it happened, I was going to retaliate in a way that would be more effective and far-reaching.

    When I was in college, I met the woman of my dreams at the time.  She is wh…

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    Disclaimer: This blog post is NOT Ariana bashing.

    It is a false dichotomy to assume that because I want people to be able to defend Jennette intelligently when you stumble across anti-Jennette trolls, then I want to denigrate Ariana Grande.  I have no reason whatsoever to wish ill upon Ariana.

    Let me repeat: this blog post has NOTHING to do with Ariana and in no way reflects my opinions on her character, her music, her acting ability, or anything else about her at all.

    "Just the facts, Ma'am." --- Sgt. Joe Friday, "Dragnet."

    As we know, Jennette McCurdy has been having issues with virtually the entirety of the entertainment media and her behaviour and actions have caused some splits in her fan base.  There is so much rumour, innuendo, and outr…

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    Now, multi-series franchises are more complex. For instance, when I speak about Doctor Who, I mean Doctor Who only - without any of K-9 and Company, Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures, etc. being involved. When I want to include these spin-offs, I say that they are in "The Doctor Who Universe." This allows for me to distinguish between them for typical conversations with the widest variety of fans. Someone who does not know diddly squat about the Prime Computer ads should not have their fandom of the Doctor Who series questioned. Similarly, if Doctor Who had a romance-based spin-off, I would not be interested, but that does not diminish my knowledge and understanding of Doctor Who the television series itself. That's also why I don't include the old …

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