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As you might have guessed, I do not ship any romantic couples of any sort.  However, my experience with shippers goes back to 1976.  My curiosity about the passionate fan base, well-above-average fan fiction, and the ship warring are what made me find this site.  I first posted here and then started writing this blog so that people like SeddieIceCream don't get bullied to the point that they are considering suicide just because they don't agree with her ship.  I will not claim that my belief against the "meant to be" aspect of shipping is a good one; I only claim that it works for me.

The first point about shipping is that although you probably have rational reasons for saying that your ship is "meant to be," odds are that your belief in it is 100% emotional.  You almost certainly have what you think are very good reasons for believing in the ship; odds are the more passionate you affection for it, the more likely it is that it touches some very personal chords with you.

If there is a competing ship, you probably dislike it; odds are that the more passionately you support your ship, the more viscerally you will dislike the competing ship(s).  Thus, if someone insults your ship or the character of the people who like that ship, you are likely to take it very personally because it has that strong emotional bond to you.  Remember, though, that people who follow the competing ship(s) are in the same place as you are.  Their belief in that ship is just as honest are yours.  So if you diss their ship, expect them to take umbrage at your commentary.  This is how ship wars are begun and are sustained.

If your ship has been around for a while and has a large following, you have probably seen "hints" being dropped within the show.  Some of these are legitimate; some of these are your reaction to something other than romance that is occurring; some of these are from sloppy writing; and some of these are unconscious action by the actors involved.  Remember that the same caveats apply to any competing ships.  Thus, what you see as a legitimate hint in your OTP's direction will be viewed completely differently by those with a different OTP and vice-versa.

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