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    If you asked me why I didn't ship Creddie one reason I might give is because I never believed Freddie loved Carly instead of just having a crush on her. I just don't think it was ever really implied. Just because Dan had Freddie say he "loved" Carly in the earlier episodes doesn't mean we were supposed to believe him.

    Here is one the "Freddie loves/loved Carly" arguments that don't really work.

    An iCarly episode that Creddie thinks show that Freddie's feelings for Carly were serious is iSaved Your Life. Freddie did break up with Carly because he didn't want to take advantage of her if she might not be thinking straight. However, I don't except that as proof he loves Carly and here's why:

    What did Dan say about Freddie breaking up with Carly?


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    How Chase/Zoey is like Seddie

    September 10, 2011 by IFangirl

    I know this title might be confusing to some people. Dan has had a lot of love/hate relationships end up being endgame. (not going to list them because it’s been stated plenty in shipping arguments) and Chase/Zoey has always been the exception that Creddiers like to use.

    However, upon further analysis I’ve found Zoey/Chase fallows some of the same themes Seddie does.

    Chase (Freddie) is not exactly a embodiment of what Zoey (Sam) might typically look for in a guy. Zoey (Sam) gets closer to Chase (Freddie) and seems to fall for him because he is a really nice guy who cares about her. A lot of the Chase and Zoey (Sam and Freddie) interaction is just them hanging out and sorta messing with each other. (I know that when Zoey picked on Chase it was…

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    My Freddie theory

    September 3, 2011 by IFangirl

    This is a what I think of how Freddie feels.

    Freddie admitted in iKiss that his “hatred” of Sam was a habit. He said it would be too weird if she stopped messing with him, and doing something because it’d feel too weird to stop is practically the definition of a habit. Sam just never gave him a reason to quit "the game".

    Is it possible his “love” for Carly became a habit at some point?

    I mean, I don’t think flirting with Carly was a habit since the beginning, but I think after iSaved Your Life he started flirting with Carly so things could remain “normal”. He had always flirted with Carly, so why stop? He didn’t breakup with Carly because he boubted how he felt, but because of how he believed she really felt. (I think he was right but that's …

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    The Fanwar

    August 26, 2011 by IFangirl

    We all know the Seddie vs. Creddie debate has always been pretty big, but with the "Seddie arc" It has become REALLY bad recently. To be honest both sides are guilty. The seddiers shouldn't brag or rub the arc in Creddiers faces because We don't know what might happen, and Creddiers need to realize they can't just play the victim. When iSaved Your Life came out, there WAS some bragging on the Creddiers part, so they can't act like seddiers are evil and they're above it all. WHAT YOU SHIP DOES NOT DETERMINE HOW RESPECTFUL YOU ARE.

    On another note, there was been arguments over some speculations that Creddiers made on THEIR PAGE.

    While I agree that people shouldn't make characters OCC or portray them as jerks just so their ship can happen, as bo…

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