This is a more Seddie blog. Creddiers read this blog and comment if you dare.

If you asked me why I didn't ship Creddie one reason I might give is because I never believed Freddie loved Carly instead of just having a crush on her. I just don't think it was ever really implied. Just because Dan had Freddie say he "loved" Carly in the earlier episodes doesn't mean we were supposed to believe him.

Here is one the "Freddie loves/loved Carly" arguments that don't really work.

An iCarly episode that Creddie thinks show that Freddie's feelings for Carly were serious is iSaved Your Life. Freddie did break up with Carly because he didn't want to take advantage of her if she might not be thinking straight. However, I don't except that as proof he loves Carly and here's why:

What did Dan say about Freddie breaking up with Carly?

"Yet, Freddie doesn't take advantage of Carly when (he feels) she's not thinking straight. That's a gentleman. Freddie is a great role model for young kids without being peachy."

Dan pointed out what Freddie's decision showed us about Freddie. He didn't point out what it says about his feeling for Carly. If fact Dan wasn't even willing to confirm that Freddie wanted Carly as much as he thought he did in the iSaved Your Life fun facts. Does that fact alone prove that Freddie never really want Carly? No. On the other hand it makes me doubt that Dan was trying to show us how much Freddie loved Carly. Besides Creddie fans shouldn't forget that back then Carly was both Freddie's friend and crush. I don't agree with the idea that you have to be in love with your friend in order to not be willing to take advantage of them.

I decided to make this blog longer than is originally was so Hurray there's more!!! Or if you don't like my blog than I guess you'd go "Ah man... you mean there more?".

Another think that leads me to believe that what Freddie felt for Carly was a crush is how his jealousy was portrayed. Whenever Freddie was jealous of another guy in Carly's life he wasn't shown being extremely hurt or crushed, we just seem his basically pout. Freddie was never jealous in a serious “I’m honestly hurt by this way”. When Sam was jealous in iSpeed Date her reaction isn’t comical pouting or making a sarcastic remark, instead we see her looking genuinely hurt and quite possibly confused. Sam's jealousy isn't funny or cute. Why? Because she's honestly upset.
Not so happy Sam

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