This blog might offend you if you ship Creddie, but I'm not bashing Creddie.

I know this title might be confusing to some people. Dan has had a lot of love/hate relationships end up being endgame. (not going to list them because it’s been stated plenty in shipping arguments) and Chase/Zoey has always been the exception that Creddiers like to use.

However, upon further analysis I’ve found Zoey/Chase fallows some of the same themes Seddie does.

Chase (Freddie) is not exactly a embodiment of what Zoey (Sam) might typically look for in a guy. Zoey (Sam) gets closer to Chase (Freddie) and seems to fall for him because he is a really nice guy who cares about her. A lot of the Chase and Zoey (Sam and Freddie) interaction is just them hanging out and sorta messing with each other. (I know that when Zoey picked on Chase it was portrayed as more innocent and playful than when Sam does it, but the just hanging out thing is true if you look at more recent episodes) Zoey (Sam) also gets jealous whenever she sees Chase (Freddie) with someone else.

Now this is where things go opposite. Now Chase will be compared to Sam and Zoey to Freddie.

Zoey (Freddie) finds out Chase (Sam) likes her in a dramatic fashion.

Zoey (Freddie) ends up dating James (Carly) who she probably would consider more “ideal” than Chase (Sam). Zoey (Freddie) breaks up with James (Carly) after being told (Or in Freddie’s case almost being told) “I love you”, which didn’t feel right.

Yes, I know Zoey did it because her feelings for Chase got in the way of her relationship with James too much and she didn’t want to lead him on, but still, they date someone they found pretty much ideal and (if seddie is endgame) ended up with the person who in some way shape or form got in the way of them being with their “ideal”.

Zoey (Freddie) reveals she returns Chase’s (Sam’s) feelings by kissing him rather suddenly.

An essential theme for Chase/Zoey is accepting someone for who they are imperfections and all. A mold both Creddie and Seddie could potentially fallow. While that is true I think Sam and Freddie could embody this better than Creddie. Why? Because Sam and FreddieWhy? Because Sam and Freddie would have to forgive each other’s flaws. With Creddie I think most of the time it would seem like Carly would be the one forgiving Freddie’s flaws instead of it being more mutual. Besides, I think the fact that they both dated someone they at least THOUGHT was their dream guy/girl but later decided to be with someone else who some might consider to be less "ideal" might be evidence of a reoccurring theme in Dan's shows. (Meaning a theme Dan likes to use a lot if you didn't know)

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