We all know the Seddie vs. Creddie debate has always been pretty big, but with the "Seddie arc" It has become REALLY bad recently. To be honest both sides are guilty. The seddiers shouldn't brag or rub the arc in Creddiers faces because We don't know what might happen, and Creddiers need to realize they can't just play the victim. When iSaved Your Life came out, there WAS some bragging on the Creddiers part, so they can't act like seddiers are evil and they're above it all. WHAT YOU SHIP DOES NOT DETERMINE HOW RESPECTFUL YOU ARE.

On another note, there was been arguments over some speculations that Creddiers made on THEIR PAGE.

While I agree that people shouldn't make characters OCC or portray them as jerks just so their ship can happen, as both ships have done in the past, the Creddiers can make whatever speculations they want. Not everyone is going to like or want seddie. If someone's predictions are totally wrong, they'll just have to be disappointed when the show doesn't fallow them

- iFangirl

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