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    Dan Schneider

    December 29, 2011 by IGleekinLoveSeddie

    Im not sure when icarly will end, but I hope Dan isn't screwing with us seddiers because I really want seddie to be endgame. And looking through all of Dan's history on his shows of the love/hate relationships still renders hope for me:) I still can't help but think that he won't pair up sam and freddie again:( I know dan is trying to stay away from the shipping right now and thats alright:) but for the final season on icarly it would be nice to see sam and freddie rekindle their romance. And the promos for 2012 icarly look pretty fantastic and looks like Seddie might be making a comeback, or maybe Dan's just fooling us. Im not certain what Dan is up to. I was really disappointed with Dan and the Seddie arc. But once again I hope that Dan …

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