Chances are you've been bullied. You might be depressed, lost, or hurt right now.

You have to remember that there will always be people who love you. The people who are mean to you aren't worth listening to. Even if you think He isn't, God is there for you.

There are people who say God will leave you behind if you are gay, if you try to commit suicide, if you are athiest. They are wrong. God is there for everyone.

It may be cliche, but it's true:

You have to believe in yourself, because, even if you might not think so, you have a bright future ahead of you. You can be whatever you put your mind to.

Believe in yourself. Believe in what you can do, what you want to do. You are worth it.

Because I've been incredibly serious for almost five minutes, here's a little slideshow to cheer you up.
  • Caffene oveload!
  • Proof Canada is the best the world has to offer
  • Unfortunately, this seems to be the best picture I can find of Freddie's biceps
  • for the Creddie fans
  • and the Seddie shippers
  • and Cam shippers
  • alright, now i'm just kinda naming ships :)
  • As I always say, no slideshow's complete without a panda!

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