Okay so I know a couple of you have had problems with changing your avatars (icons). I have had the same problem but these are the things I did and I eventually made it.

a) When you save your profile click various times on the save button.

b) Reload all the pages over again and again.

c) Click on the save button again (go on edit profile and then just save).

d) Reload again.

e) Write test comments (no spamming) to see which avatar comes up.

f) Maybe click save again.

g) Close and re-open your default browser (go on the iCarly Wiki).

h) If none works after you tried all of these try restarting and then going to the iCarly Wiki.

You do not have to do these inn order but it would be better if you would. If none works then sorry you are stuck. It doesn't matter what step you are on if it isn't working. It only matters after you have finished h). Sorry if it doesn't work at all. ILike Waffles 16:47, June 5, 2011 (UTC)

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