You know, I've always been wondering about weird things that happen on the wiki. All these questions. Why can't we answer them? We SHALL find the answer.

So this is how this blog works. You think of random/weird things that happened to you on the wiki and then phrase the event into a question. I will add all the questions on my blog. If we find the answer I will also post it on my blog. Here are the questions:

Why is it when I just want to do a face at the beginning of a comment (:P) the colon disappears?

Why is it that when I write a LONG and AMAZING comment that I spent so much time to write it only shows a "by" ? Stupid little by!

Why do my blogs disappear after I create them? Hope it won't happen to this one......

Now it's YOUR turn! --ILike Waffles 19:40, October 3, 2011 (UTC)

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