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    Hiya guys!

    July 8, 2014 by ILive4Seddie

    Hey guys! Oh my goodness. I don't have a clue if any of you guys still remember me here, but hey, I'm Danni. :) I was just checking randomly on this Wiki because I really miss this fandom. yeah. Hope you guys are having a fan-bat-tastic summer! (Or winter, depending on what hemisphere you're on...)


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    Hey people!! I'm BACK FROM THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE!!!

    Rumors to break:

    • iTake a Cruise is NOT real, according to Jennette and Nathan.
    • Jennette and Nathan definitely DONT seem to be in a fight!
    • Daniella is amazingly sweet (nothing like Trina!!) I was closest to her on the cruise :)
    • Daniella and Leon aren't dating, I'm pretty sure xD I forgot who thought they were but...yeah. :P
    • Nathan actually reads "99.9%" of his mentions... so if youre talking to a friend about him over Twitter....uh watch what you say because he told me sometimes he reads some weird stuff.. xD
    • Daniella and Leon aren't sure when exactly they're going back to filming (but they are!)
    • Jennette was NOT rude on the cruise! When I met her she was SO sweet and she gave me a hug and every…

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    I noticed there are a bunch of new users who don't know how to paste a picture in your comment, and other things. This blog is to ask questions and some of the older users can answer them. :)

    So first things first:

    How to Insert Pictures into a Comment

    1. Save your picture onto your computer.
    2. Upload the picture onto the Wiki.
      1. Go to any of the pages (not including the home page and the blogs) and there will be a bar on the right side that will say "[insert number here] Photos on this Wiki" and should have three pictures under it. There will also be a button there, click Upload.
      2. Click browse, find your picture, click Open. Then you should see your picture on the page, New Photos on this Wiki.
      3. Click your picture that you uploaded, above the picture in …

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    First off, apologies for the caps on the title :/

    But the real point here I was trying to make is that even though we have different views and opinions, we're all iCarly lovers and that's the most important thing we have in common.

    I went onto the Creddie page today and saw they were talking about some Seddiers saying they should just get off the Creddie page because it only makes them mad. Okay, in a way, I respect that, trying to avoid a fanwar by arguing and all that. But the thing is, the fanwar has already started, since the very moment we saw the iOMG commercial.

    Anyway, like I said, we aren't different species. Some of you are saying you're hesitant, even "afraid" to talk to people of the other ship, but its OKAY! Most of us don't bite…

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    Sorry, this is an accidental blog, so please go to the one called "iRPG 1: iSuspect Sabotage" (The one with a colon, : , not a dash, - .

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