I noticed there are a bunch of new users who don't know how to paste a picture in your comment, and other things. This blog is to ask questions and some of the older users can answer them. :)

So first things first:

How to Insert Pictures into a Comment

  1. Save your picture onto your computer.
  2. Upload the picture onto the Wiki.
    1. Go to any of the pages (not including the home page and the blogs) and there will be a bar on the right side that will say "[insert number here] Photos on this Wiki" and should have three pictures under it. There will also be a button there, click Upload.
    2. Click browse, find your picture, click Open. Then you should see your picture on the page, New Photos on this Wiki.
    3. Click your picture that you uploaded, above the picture in blue font should have the file name. Copy the words in blue above your picture.
  3. Go to the page where you will insert your picture, and scroll to the bottom for comments.
  4. Where you type your comments, type [[File:
  5. Paste after [[File:
  6. Add two more brackets ]] after that.
  7. Post your comment, and the picture should be there :)

Also, some people have asked about emoticons, the tiny smiley face and heart icons people put in their comments. Go to the search bar, type "emoticon blog" and click the first link for emotes, and just copy and paste from the left column to make the emote from the right column :)

Another tip: when you leave a message on someone's talk page (which you can do by going to their user page, clicking the Talk Page tab and then "Leave a Message" on the top right), PLEASE add four ~ 's after your message, to leave your name. Otherwise the person won't know who left the message :/

And one last thing, I heard there were some issues with changing icons. Usually you can simply change them by clicking your name in the very top right corner of this page, clicking whatever icon you have, clicking "Change Avatar", scrolling down to Avatar, then uploading your picture as you did to put a picture in your comment. But I heard there were some problems with changing avatars recently, so you'll just have to be patient and wait a little while for your avatar to change.

Hope this helped you all!! :)

ILive4Seddie 00:54, June 20, 2011 (UTC)

^^ made with the four ~ 's

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