I'm a hardcore, diehard, 100% Seddie fan, but I'm sort of tired of hearing, "OH MY GOSH THEY'RE WEARING RED AND BLUE, ITS SEDDIE!" Yes, I do realize it's more than a coincidence that they nearly always wear red and blue, but how does this possibly hint at a romance? Because of that teeny little reference in iMust Have Locker 239 ("Wanna make purple?")?? I think that would be a coincidence. I mean, did Dan honestly have the exact intention to reference Seddie in that random Spencer/art-teacher-lady conversation?

Sorry if I seem so...anti-Seddie right now, if I'm coming off that way. I guess what happened with iStart a Fanwar and all has made me a way, WAY less "enthusiastic" shipper.

...Oh Dan. You thought you'd lose viewers by going with Creddie or Seddie, but going with neither after all that hype? Really? Dan, sorry to say this, but you lost more fans by going with none. Not that I'm one of those fans -- I will always be an iCarly fan through and through -- but this was an extreme mistake:

1. No pairings

2. Two-month hype

3. Actually offending fans in episode

4. Deleting comments with the constructive critism that he had once claimed to take "really well"...

...Oh Dan.


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