iOMG is coming up, and this question has been on my mind. I just feel sort of turned off by the fact that Freddie has kissed BOTH his best friends/co-stars (and possibly may date Sam and have dated Carly, too?). It's just that... the three of them are best friends. It just seems like the balance has broken now that he's kissed both girls. It might sound like I'm blaming him, but I'm not, I'm not blaming anybody!! :)

I'm worried that if Seddie happens in iOMG, then it will just feel like he ran to Sam right after he got done with Carly and I know that if Seddie happens, it most likely will NOT be in that type of situation, but still. I think maybe, I might be happier if it was just Creddie that had happened and kissed and all that, rather he'd kiss/date both. I know him kissing both girls creates some love-triangle of some sort and creates more suspense as to who he'll choose, but now its seeming like iCarly is like a soap opera :P

As you can see this is sort of a neutral blog, so feel free to comment and tell me what you think :)

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