I give you two random subjects, and tell me which is better! :D READY... GO!

  1. pancakes or square bowls?
  2. eskimos or chubby bunnies?
  3. fruit or scarves?
  4. german shepherds or pork ribs?
  5. laundry detergent or funhouse mirrors?
  6. Twilight or Gibby?
  7. opera music or Oprah [Winfrey]?
  8. blueberries or health insurance?
  9. allergies or education?
  10. grapes or car washes?
  11. brown eyes or autumn?
  12. classical music or lindsay lohan?
  13. hardwood flooring or plumbers?
  14. an ostrich or high heels?
  15. tissue boxes or the color blue?
  16. ugly christmas sweaters or big red buttons?
  17. Santa Claus or french toast?
  18. Spanish rice or glitter?
  19. the letter "o" or a school dance?
  20. Go-gurt or fine art?

Phew, thinking of random topics is harder than it seems :O Anyway, have fun!

Also, if you want me to put more Random Debate blogs, just put "MY MOM THINKS I'M AWESOME!" at the end of your comment :)

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