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Seddie Shippers: Would You Be Okay If Sam Dated Another Guy Temporarily?

I'm probably weird for saying this, but I do want Sam to date some guy for a little (that's not Freddie) and kiss him or something. We've never seen Sam have a relationship with any guy that would stay for longer than an episode. Well, we haven't seen Carly do that either (but Griffin was in that hour-long special), but Carly has kissed lots of guys on the show, including FREDDIE. Sam has only kissed Freddie, as far as we know, and I sort of feel bad for her that Carly gets practically any guy she wants and Sam has to sit back and watch her do that, especially with Freddie, considering he was her FIRST kiss, and vice versa. I want Sam to get some attention, too, I'm really feeling bad for her :(

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