I know a lot of Creddiers are supposedly leaving the Wiki (or it just seems so to me...). This blog is for people of all the other ships to let them know we need them! This wiki would not stand with a major ship missing! Also, Creddie shippers still online, please comment and tell me what you think of everyone leaving! I want to know why this is happening... you guys toughed it out through iKiss, we toughed it out through iSaved Your Life, we should be pretty fair about this by now! There's no need to leave the Wiki because of the supposed links to upcoming Seddie. Or maybe you're just leaving because you're busy, and I totally understand, but if you're leaving because of this mystery #310 -- just remember: the episode has not yet aired, we do not know for sure what to expect!

I know maybe in the past there have been ship-warring but I know us both have matured a LOT since then. We've seen that from these past couple of months, when we've waited patiently for a new episode to air, so we stuck together peacefully :)

I know this ended up becoming a "make peace"-y blog but still, I know many of us really do want you guys to stay. It won't be fun at all without you guys :(

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