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    Ok, so if you didn't know, FreddieSeddieI'mReady wrote a blog a few days ago about...guess what? Leaving! I mean, not my choise, but why are people leaving? The whole shipping thing? Guys, Seddie broke up :(. Yea, that's sad...(Well if you're Creddie I don't think that you are sad)...And not completely resolved....But with all this, I kinda thought the Seddiers would calm down.I read somewhere that the Seddiers are taking over the Creddie page.(I now checked-It's Cameddie's blog) Umm...Is that true? Cuz',well,that's kinda weird. What are Seddiers trying to do in the Creddie page? Obviously they are not there to see stuff about Creddie, so, yea.....

    Next reason is that ICarly is less funny. I don't have much to say about that, cuz' people ha…

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    So, my first blog... Not that it matters anyway.I'm kinda bored too, and I read some blogs about how people feel about the things that is going on the wiki, so I decided to write one too.

    First, Ship Warring.

    Wow,how different.But I think the whole fighting isn't the problem.It's the problem that the blogs are all about ships, well, mostly at least. "Why I like Creddie" or "Why I like Seddie" or something. Those need to stop. Another one is the constant reminding. I'm doing that now, too... The fights would be somewhat gone, if the blogs and stuff would stop talking about the fights, because that is what keeps people thinking that everyone still wants to fight. Actually, a lot of people are saying that they don't see a problem in other shi…

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