So, my first blog... Not that it matters anyway.I'm kinda bored too, and I read some blogs about how people feel about the things that is going on the wiki, so I decided to write one too.

First, Ship Warring.

Wow,how different.But I think the whole fighting isn't the problem.It's the problem that the blogs are all about ships, well, mostly at least. "Why I like Creddie" or "Why I like Seddie" or something. Those need to stop. Another one is the constant reminding. I'm doing that now, too... The fights would be somewhat gone, if the blogs and stuff would stop talking about the fights, because that is what keeps people thinking that everyone still wants to fight. Actually, a lot of people are saying that they don't see a problem in other ships. keep the pairing stuff to their pages. And I've read that some Creddiers think that Seddiers need to stop writing about it, even in the Seddie page. Ok, I am a Seddier too, but I think that even though IDate Sam and Freddie is kinda a Seddie episode, we need to keep everything in their proper pages. Another blog was how people think that Creddiers are treated like angels. No, I have to disagree. No one is treated like angels anymore. For example, I have seen a few kinda mean Creddiers, and, well, I'm sure some of you know the "CMMS and the angry Seddiers" thing. In reality the only fighting is because people are getting offenced too easily.

I don't really know how to react to the age thing. I'm sure you know that. I have to agree with the theory someone else said as a comment in the blog, and it was something that if someone that is registred is under 12, there would be a trial where people decide if he/she stays or not, considering the maturity. I have also read somewhere that the age rule is not there because people think that they are dumb or immature, it's because they trust too easily. Well, if the person under 12 would be considered mature, then that would mean he/she would not trust people right away.

So, I hope this made any sense, considering my mind is clouded because this is the first day of school. :|

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