Ok, so if you didn't know, FreddieSeddieI'mReady wrote a blog a few days ago about...guess what? Leaving! I mean, not my choise, but why are people leaving? The whole shipping thing? Guys, Seddie broke up :(. Yea, that's sad...(Well if you're Creddie I don't think that you are sad)...And not completely resolved....But with all this, I kinda thought the Seddiers would calm down.I read somewhere that the Seddiers are taking over the Creddie page.(I now checked-It's Cameddie's blog) Umm...Is that true? Cuz',well,that's kinda weird. What are Seddiers trying to do in the Creddie page? Obviously they are not there to see stuff about Creddie, so, yea.....

Next reason is that ICarly is less funny. I don't have much to say about that, cuz' people have diffrent opinions about the funny-ness or something. I think ICarly is still as funny as ever, but, y'know, as I said, people have diffrent opinions.So why else are people leaving? Are they being attacked by other shippers or something? Why?

I'm just confused...

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