Hey guys. iLoveMyFellowSeddies here. Whether you're Christian, religious, or atheist, I beg of something to the iCarly fandom: Let's ALL pray to God for dear Jennette Mccurdy's mother. You all know Mrs. Mccurdy dealt with breast cancer when little Jennette was inspired to become an actress. Now Jennette is a grown woman and has made a beautiful song dedicated to her mother and another inspirational song that includes her. Well, to those who don't already know, Mrs. Mccurdy's cancer came back. Jennette canceled a tour to be with her mother. Please pray. Or send good vibes. Or wish upon a star or dandelion. I'm being DEAD SERIOUS. Cancer is a horrible thing that has affected some of my relatives and friends, and I know how hard it is. Jennette is probably torn up right now. God bless her.

♫ I know how it feels to be broken hearted, fallen apart, it's true. But you are the one who brought me back now it's my turn to be there for you. Everytime you need now, you can call me....

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