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    Hey guys, Angus here! Apparently, Nickelodeon has confirmed that 511 will be iRescue A Whale. Sadly, I do not have any links since my laptop still doesn't copy and paste links, and please do not call me a 'liar'. iRescue A Whale is supposed to be a parody of the movie, Free Willy 3: The Rescue where people try and rescue a whale. Here's the plot to iRescue A Whale:

    "Freddie gets a job on a boat by collecting fish. Meanwhile, Carly learns that the Killer Whale is endangered."

    So it sounds like there will be 2 rescuing episodes in Season 5 (iRescue Carly and iRescue A Whale). Plus, Jennette McCurdy posted this on Twitter:

    "Hey guys!!! Playin' angry birds on my kewl iphone. i wonder if icarly will have a angry birds episode...hmm...:/ we'll see.…

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  • IPearPhoneAddict

    Hi everyone, it's Angus. Absent: Gibby. Previously on iMake Pear Products, Carly and the gang have been kidnapped by Alfie Thompson (the president of the Pear Company)'s assistants, Trevor and Maggie. Freddie has called Mrs. Benson and T-Bo to come to the rescue...but what will happen? Let's find out:

    To their surprise, Carly gasped in shock. She was stuck in a little type of dog-cage trap with a lock, and they were all stuck.


    Trevor: It's a secret...

    Maggie: Sir, your not our boss anymore. WE ARE YOUR BOSS NOW...

    Freddie: *Whispers* T-Bo and my mom are coming now!

    Carly: Okay...

    Spencer: I need a shower!

    Sam: Tuff-nuts.

    • T-Bo and Mrs. Benson come on T-Bo's motorbike and knock down the door*

    Freddie: MOM!…

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  • IPearPhoneAddict

    Hey guys!!! It's me, Angus. Here's Part 2 of iMake Pear Products. Enjoy!


    Previously, Alfie Thompson, the president of the Pear Company, has asked iCarly to help them to make the next Pear Product. Will they accept it? Let's find out...

    Carly: OMG! This is a great opportunity! :D

    Sam: Ikr! Well...should we?

    Carly, Sam and Freddie: YEAH!!!!

    Freddie: We accept it.

    Alfie: Great! :)

    Spencer: May I help out too?

    Alfie: Of course Mr. Shay!

    Sam: We are so lucky to meet famous and great people just like you, Alfie. It's all thanks to iCarly!

    Carly: Yep!

    Freddie: I never knew you was pleasant, nice and smiley, Sam.

    Sam: Watch it Benson!

    Freddie: Sorry...

    Alfie: Well, let's go to meet my company!

    2 hours later...

    Carly: OMG! It's all away, here, in California…

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  • IPearPhoneAddict

    Apparently, Nickelodeon has linked to another website about iBloop 3. Unfortunately, I cannot link you because my laptop has a virus at the moment which makes it not link you to other sites. I'm sorry, so please do not call me a 'liar' on this. When my laptop gets fixed, I'll link you.

    I found this though:

    "iCarly: iBloop 3 - iPear Store Bloopers"

    • Episode #512*

    Written by:

    Dan Schneider & Jerry Trainor

    Directed by:

    David Kendall

    Sooo, a third sequel to iBloop? Sounds interesting :D And it's only bloopers from the episode, iPear Store. I cannot wait for this one! :D

    Comment and tell me what you think!


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  • IPearPhoneAddict

    Hey guysss!!! It's me, Angie! I've decided to do a sequel to iPear Store, even though it hasn't aired yet! Lol XD. I know it's gonna be a AWESOME episode, so I've decided to do: iMake Pear Products! Here is Part 1. Enjoy!


    Carly, Sam and Freddie were doing their webshow, as always. A brand new Pear Product has been released by the Pear Company called "PearPhone 1000".

    Sam: Hey guys! This is....

    Carly and Sam: ICARLY!!!!

    Carly: So, the Pear Company have made a new Pear Product called....

    Carly and Sam: PearPhone 1000!!

    Sam: We're celebrating with a PearPhone-themed iCarly webisode!

    Carly: LET'SSS PEARPARTY!!!!

    • Dances*

    Gibby: Whoop Whoop!

    Carly: And here's the assistant of technology from the Pear Company, Liam Williamson!

    Liam: Hello iCarly fans! …

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