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iBloop 3 - iPear Store Bloopers!?

Apparently, Nickelodeon has linked to another website about iBloop 3. Unfortunately, I cannot link you because my laptop has a virus at the moment which makes it not link you to other sites. I'm sorry, so please do not call me a 'liar' on this. When my laptop gets fixed, I'll link you.

I found this though:

"iCarly: iBloop 3 - iPear Store Bloopers"

  • Episode #512*

Written by:

Dan Schneider & Jerry Trainor

Directed by:

David Kendall

Sooo, a third sequel to iBloop? Sounds interesting :D And it's only bloopers from the episode, iPear Store. I cannot wait for this one! :D

Comment and tell me what you think!


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