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iCarly: iMake Pear Products, Part 1

Hey guysss!!! It's me, Angie! I've decided to do a sequel to iPear Store, even though it hasn't aired yet! Lol XD. I know it's gonna be a AWESOME episode, so I've decided to do: iMake Pear Products! Here is Part 1. Enjoy!


Carly, Sam and Freddie were doing their webshow, as always. A brand new Pear Product has been released by the Pear Company called "PearPhone 1000".

Sam: Hey guys! This is....

Carly and Sam: ICARLY!!!!

Carly: So, the Pear Company have made a new Pear Product called....

Carly and Sam: PearPhone 1000!!

Sam: We're celebrating with a PearPhone-themed iCarly webisode!


  • Dances*

Gibby: Whoop Whoop!

Carly: And here's the assistant of technology from the Pear Company, Liam Williamson!

Liam: Hello iCarly fans! I am Liam Williamson. I help put in technology in all of Pear's devices. I am here to talk about the newest device, the PearPhone 1000!

Sam: So Liam, what's it like working at the Pear Company?

Liam: It's AWWWWESSSOMMEE!!!!! I love working there :P

Carly: How awesome?

Liam: VERYYY!!!

Carly: Cool :) How do you put technology into devices, Liam?

  • Spencer walks in*

Spencer: Heya!

Carly: Ermmm, Spencer? What are you doing?

Spencer: I love the Pear Company!!

Sam: Erm, Liam, quick, run! He will go chatters if you stay here!

  • Liam runs out of the room*

Carly: Get outta here, Spencer.

Spencer: :( *Walks out of the room*

Sam: Well, thanks for watcing iCarly's Pear Webisode!

Carly: Cya! :)

~2 Days later....~

  • Carly, Sam and Freddie walk home from school*
  • Gets into their apartment, walks in*

Spencer: Guys, the PRESIDENT of the Pear Company wants to meet you, Alfie Thompson.

Alfie: Hello! I saw your awesome iCarly webisode the other day. Do you wanna make a new device for the Pear Company?

  • Carly smiles*

Sam: Do we need to pay you for that?

Alfie: Nope!


Thanks for reading Part 1! Part 2 is out soon :) Cya!


Note: Click here to read Part 2!,_Part_2

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