Hey guys!!! It's me, Angus. Here's Part 2 of iMake Pear Products. Enjoy!


Previously, Alfie Thompson, the president of the Pear Company, has asked iCarly to help them to make the next Pear Product. Will they accept it? Let's find out...

Carly: OMG! This is a great opportunity! :D

Sam: Ikr! Well...should we?

Carly, Sam and Freddie: YEAH!!!!

Freddie: We accept it.

Alfie: Great! :)

Spencer: May I help out too?

Alfie: Of course Mr. Shay!

Sam: We are so lucky to meet famous and great people just like you, Alfie. It's all thanks to iCarly!

Carly: Yep!

Freddie: I never knew you was pleasant, nice and smiley, Sam.

Sam: Watch it Benson!

Freddie: Sorry...

Alfie: Well, let's go to meet my company!

2 hours later...

Carly: OMG! It's all away, here, in California!?

Alfie: Yep!

Freddie: Wow! There's lot's of things here...

Alfie: I would like you to meet my fantastic assistant, Trevor Haakann.

Trevor: Hello! Oh, and there's children here....

  • Trevor looks at them evily*

Sam: Um, hello, Trevor...

Alfie: Now let's get to it! Please, sit!

  • Carly, Sam, Freddie and Spencer sit on comfy, creamy spinning seats*

Alfie: Now what kind of device should we make?

Freddie: *Puts hand up*

Alfie: Yes, ummm...Freddie!

Freddie: I was thinking of the PearPhone PS!

Alfie: PearPhone PS?

5 Hours later...

Alfie: Well, it's official: the PearPhone PS!

Carly, Sam, Freddie and Spencer: YAY!!!!!!!!!

Alfie: Gongrats. See you tomorrow my fellow friends!

  • Carly, Sam, Freddie and Spencer leave*

Meanwhile, Trevor was talking to one of his workers, Maggie Pascoe.

Trevor: Well Maggie, our plan to trap the iCarly kids is complete. Just wait tomorrow...

Maggie: Do not tell Alfie, our boss! He loves the iCarly kids.

Trevor: Why would I tell him silly? And he will NOT love the iCarly kids, until I control him...

1 day later...

Spencer: Well, let's go to the Pear Building!

2 hours later...

Alfie: Hello my fellow friends! Trevor, will you show them to our PearPhone room?

Trevor: Sure...

  • A big trap hole comes beneath them and traps Carly, Sam, Alfie, Freddie and Spencer*


Maggie: Of course we did, sir.

Trevor: Our trap is complete, now we LEAVE YOU HERE TO ROT. *Trevor does an evil laugh*

Freddie: *Whispers* I have my PearPhone, guys! Let me ring my mom so she and T-Bo can come and get us!


What will happen to them? Find out in Part 3!


Note: Click here to read Part 1!,_Part_1

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