Hey guys, Angus here! Apparently, Nickelodeon has confirmed that 511 will be iRescue A Whale. Sadly, I do not have any links since my laptop still doesn't copy and paste links, and please do not call me a 'liar'. iRescue A Whale is supposed to be a parody of the movie, Free Willy 3: The Rescue where people try and rescue a whale. Here's the plot to iRescue A Whale:

"Freddie gets a job on a boat by collecting fish. Meanwhile, Carly learns that the Killer Whale is endangered."

So it sounds like there will be 2 rescuing episodes in Season 5 (iRescue Carly and iRescue A Whale). Plus, Jennette McCurdy posted this on Twitter:

"Hey guys!!! Playin' angry birds on my kewl iphone. i wonder if icarly will have a angry birds episode...hmm...:/ we'll see...." - Jennette McCurdy on Twitter.

Sounds like iAngry Birds is true. Anyways, cya!


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