• ISHIPiCreddie07

    First ever post, long time lurker and fan of the show(since the very beggining) so I'm nervous but here goes!! :)

    HUGE CREDDIE fan here, and I haven't seen the episode (ILY) yet but as I was reading the few last lines of the "break up" scene,

    Sam: [smiles] ... Yeah, I just... [leans back against the elevator's wall] I dunno if you and me really click... thatway.

    Freddie: Yeah... [shrugs and smiles] but, you know, maybe one day if... you get a little more normal...

    Sam: Or, you get a little more abnormal [Freddie and Sam look confused] ... so did we just break up?

    Freddie: ... feels like it... [crowd "aww"'s and a sweet paino tune plays]. But... you know it was... mutual... right?

    Sam: Yeah... [grins] but I'm still gonna tell people that I dumped your butt and bro…

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