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April 11, 2011
  • IShipCreddie

    wlel , Ive gotta feeling, that I have to write some things about creddie .. dont be eman its just the opinion of a creddie shipper and I might am wrong ! :)

    but now I have to say something which sometimes makes me mean. : Its not because of iOMG but I just dont really see creddie to happen. I mena, look at seddie, the most hints dan ever posted were for the seddiers , even things like (do you think the special was carly and freddie dancing ? or how sam looked .. etc) . And thats something I think its not fair :( . I mena, he wrote iCarly , its okay that he prefers one ship , but he shouldnt show it THAT OBVIOUS ! and look, seddies friendship changed so much from friends but fighting to lvoe and so far . creddie didnt get better and better …

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