Why is Seddie so significant?

You should know. Sam and Freddie have great chemistry, you just might not notice it some of the time. The way they hide their feelings and bring the best out in each other. Sam is rebellious but Freddie makes her a little less. He doesn't make her soft, he makes her more lovable and fun to be around. If he made her soft, I wouldn't like Seddie. She's who she is and it's only soft some of the time. Sam gives Freddie more confidence and drive. He's not a chicken and isn't afraid to say what he thinks. I am in love with Seddie right now for these reasons. I also just love their love/hate relationship. When they act like best friends you just smile.

For example, when Sam had Freddie in make her a website in iDate a Bad Boy, it made me smile. I just couldn't stop smiling even though I've watched it a few times and knew what was coming.

You might think, "This person spends way too much time on these fake people."

Maybe I do but, hey, it's summer give me a break. All my plans got cancelled until late June and July. :)


(Note: Somebody changed this page... They changed the above to manipulated, I changed it back and I am mad... BEWARE! Lol, jk. :D)

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