Well, I think that in iDo, after Freddie gets mad at Sam, Sam tries to apologize, but after the umpteenth time trying to apologize, Freddie says he doesn't care about Sam or how many times she says sorry. That gets Sam shocked and sad. Then (if there is a wedding, but there probably will,) during the wedding, Sam says sorry and Freddie turns his head to tell Sam that he doesn't care, Sam kisses him. Then, Sam drags Freddie to a secret hallway and they tell each other their true feelings. Then they hug and kiss and go back to the wedding. And they FINALLY become a couple. (This could connect, because in the iHire An Idiot script, it says, 'Freddie gives Sam a 'be serious' look', and it may mean that Freddie would get jealous because his (possible) girlfriend (Sam), likes Cort.)And they would tell Carly about the relationship, but Freddie wouldn't tell Carly that he is over her. That's when they have their serious hallway talk and Freddie tells Carly that he is truly and madly in love with Sam. This is just a thought. Please comment because I wanna hear your thoughts too.  :) Seddie forever!!!!!!

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