I leaned on the glass tank as I looked at Sarcastic, Lane and Pancake. They all were just looking around.I smoothed down my purple dress, which was tied in the middle with a pink ribbon. I spoke into the intercom to talk to the others.
"When are the other Seddiers and Creddiers gonna get here?!" Sarcastic Leaves looked at me.
"How should I know?!" She looked down on her purple pants. I turned to my left side and read the rules:

  1. NO hurting
  2. NO hitting
  3. NO yelling at your fellow Seddier!
  4. Do compete with the nearest Creddie you see. You will have to out do them with good Seddie facts. If you can't think of one, you're out of the game!
  5. Always remember to have fun and remember this is only a game.
  6. Don't be too mean.

I smiled. I looked at Pancake Two.
"This is gonna be a long wait."
"And GAME. Remember that." She added. She smiled at me and threw me a piece of bread. Which was funny, beacuse our tanks were 12 feet high. "You'll need it. We might be in the game longer than we think"

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