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    Episode 310 Pics

    December 4, 2010 by Iama SMRT person

    On October 4th (Or around that time), Fanlala visited the set of iCarly while they were filming the #310. Around that week, Miranda tweeted "Crazy on set this week. Worked with a cow, a trampoline, and fire!" (Or something like that.) Here are pics!
    Pics/Video found at:

    Also, Miranda Cosgrove was interviewed ( and she said that the last episode they filmed touched on Seddie and Creddie. (Fast forward to 3:08) And yes, she said it in that order. ;)

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    Now, keep in mind that this is a kid's show, and most of this is highly unlikely. Also that Jennette is just naturally built like that, and the whole 'tiny girl-big stomach' thing is just an act for comedy. :)


    So we've all seen Sam stuff her face with meat and eat large amounts of food occasionally, right? Well, we've also noticed that she has yet to gain more than a few pounds or look fat. One could argue that Sam just has an exceptionally high metabolism; I disagree.
    Sam doesn't really eat those large amounts of food all the time, correct? So in my theory, I believe that she eats large amounts of food every once in awhile-then purges. (Purge means vomit, right? :?) Also, you can eat very little for a few days/then eat a lot for …

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    First off, five quick reasons iSAFW was Seddie:

    1. Freddie ships Cadam. 2. Freddie said he doesn't love Carly. 3. Sam said nothing about Seddie. 4. Sam pulled Freddie out of the fangirl mob. 5. Adam is most definetly going to be in more episodes, so more Seddie possibilities.

    Secondly, STOP HARRASSING DAN.Now, yes, even I fell for the hype. And even I feel kind of insulted by iSAFW. But think. Are you really going to 'kill' your creator of your favorite series? REALLY?

    Then you all have some major growing up to do.
    It's a freaking TV SHOW. Chill out, make some spagetti tacos, and dream about fat cakes and fat shakes.

    It's not the end of the world.

    NICK just loves money.

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    Okay. Have you seen the third sneak peek for iStart A Fanwar? If not, GO! See it now! (Or just endure this SMALL spoiler. c;)

    Why Seddie Secretly Won in iStart A Fanwar

    Let us quote:

    Carly: "Freddie and I aren't in love." Freddie: "No, we aren't."

    Let us requote this again:

    "NO - WE -AREN'T." - Fredward Benson

    And this, my friend, is why Seddie secretly won in iStart A Fanwar. ^.^

    Now, think. Dan could've easily made Freddie say "Well, kinda." or "Um..." or even say nothing at all. But Dan choose to make Freddie agree with Carly.

    We won. :)

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    Well, there's this thing going around on Twitter and the Bickering Sidekicks forum. It's called a Webicon Pass. :) Here's a link if you want RobSp1derp1g (Fun fact: I stared at his user for five minutes until I realized that it was 'RobSpiderpig'. XD I'm so slow...) You gotta email him, or you can just do what I did and saved the pic then filled it out myself in MSPaint. But hey: All credit goes to Rob for making the pass.

    Here's mine. (P.S.-If you decide to make yours, post a link so I can see it. I love the passes. And another thing, iKiss aired January third 2009, and that was the episode that made me ship Seddie. Oh, and my usual username is PBCrackers or Peanut Butter Crackers…

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