Well, there's this thing going around on Twitter and the Bickering Sidekicks forum. It's called a Webicon Pass. :) Here's a link if you want RobSp1derp1g (Fun fact: I stared at his user for five minutes until I realized that it was 'RobSpiderpig'. XD I'm so slow...) You gotta email him, or you can just do what I did and saved the pic then filled it out myself in MSPaint. But hey: All credit goes to Rob for making the pass.

Here's mine. (P.S.-If you decide to make yours, post a link so I can see it. I love the passes. And another thing, iKiss aired January third 2009, and that was the episode that made me ship Seddie. Oh, and my usual username is PBCrackers or Peanut Butter Crackers, so that's why I didn't put Iama SMRT person.)


Webicon Pass

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