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Episode 310 Pics

On October 4th (Or around that time), Fanlala visited the set of iCarly while they were filming the #310. Around that week, Miranda tweeted "Crazy on set this week. Worked with a cow, a trampoline, and fire!" (Or something like that.) Here are pics!
Pics/Video found at:

thumb|300px|left|Fanlala interviews iCarly while filming episode 310.

Also, Miranda Cosgrove was interviewed ( and she said that the last episode they filmed touched on Seddie and Creddie. (Fast forward to 3:08) And yes, she said it in that order. ;)

310 3 Fire. Fiiiiire. OH MY GOD, FIRE!

310 1

310-Carly being interveiwed by Fanlala, the cow in the back, Gibby and Sam sitting in chairs.

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