I was scanning Dan Schneider's blog comments, and came across this. So, apparently, Jennette 'unfollowed' Nathan on Twitter or something. (I'm not on Twitter, so I couldn't look at who Jennette/Nathan was following. Plus, Twitter crashes my PC almost everytime I go there. ._.')

Anways, (click on the pic for a MUCH better view) I may be the last to know this, or this may just not be true, but all I wanna know is why.

Janathan Unfollow Twitter Screenie

Twitter Speculation

Me Looking WAY Too Much Into This

So maybe Jennette got jealous of Nathan's GF (or doesn't like his GF) and they got in a fight? O___o

Have you all noticed that she's been talking to Lukas Cruickshank (Spelling is probably off. In short, that Fred dude.) a LOT through Twitter? (Hmmmm?)

Laters. =D

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