So you guys know how whenever there is a big iCarly event, that they'll air some of the most popular iCarly episodes before the 'big event'? Well, I was thinking which episodes (if they are episodes) they would air before iStart A Fanwar.

Here's what I think they'll air:

1. iSpeed Date
2. iKiss
3. iSaved Your Life
4. iStart A Fanwar (Duh! XD)

But here's what I'd like to see:

1. iPilot (Because I haven't seen this one in forever)
2. iSpeed Date (Last 60 seconds-Your heart just goes out to Sam)
3. iKiss (Just because. X3)
4. iTwins (Just because. ;3)
5. iThink They Kissed (Did they like it? The question remains unanswered.)
6. iSaved Your Life (Just for the Creddiers...)

And let's see...that equals four hours of iCarly.

What do you guys think will happen, and what do you guys want to happen? (For the episodes)

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