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Why Seddie Secretly Won In iStart A Fanwar

Okay. Have you seen the third sneak peek for iStart A Fanwar? If not, GO! See it now! (Or just endure this SMALL spoiler. c;)

Why Seddie Secretly Won in iStart A Fanwar

Let us quote:

Carly: "Freddie and I aren't in love." Freddie: "No, we aren't."

Let us requote this again:

"NO - WE -AREN'T." - Fredward Benson

And this, my friend, is why Seddie secretly won in iStart A Fanwar. ^.^

Now, think. Dan could've easily made Freddie say "Well, kinda." or "Um..." or even say nothing at all. But Dan choose to make Freddie agree with Carly.

We won. :)

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