Warning: Rant ahead!

Rant! Rant! Rant! Ra-Just get on with it!

Okay. iSell Penny-tees. Good, or bad?

The majority of you would probably say bad. Why?

"Sam is evil" "Children in sweatshops aren't funny" "No Seddie" "Freddie and the knife"....etc.

1. Sam isn't evil. Okay? Sam is naturally mean. I mean, have you seen-HAVE YOU SEEN-the early iCarly eps? And the newer eps? Samantha Puckett has ALWAYS been that way. You were all probably 'buttered' up because she made up with her momma in the second previous episode. (I also think that this ep was supposed to be, like, the second or something of the fourth season.)

2. I LMFAO'd-Laugh/ed/ing My F___ A___ Off-at that scene.

...Well okay, not really. But still. The children in the basement was a bit funny. I mean, this is iCarly. This is a tween/teen sitcom-Situational Comedy-show. Dan Schneider clearly thought that Sam making fourth-graders work was funny. And 1/3 of his veiwers did too. AND DON'T GO DISSING SAM because she is 'evil' or she made kids work. Tieing in with the first paragraph, Sam is NATURALLY THIS WAY.

3. There was Seddie. Sure, not a lot, but Seddie was in it. I mean, Freddie looked at Sam a few times in this episode, they were just extremly hard to catch. (Which is why having both NickWest and NickEast channels totally pay off...I just wished I had The N.) And for all of you Seddie fanatics, have you forgotten the official color? PURPLE=BLUE+RED, I mean, Carly, Sam, Freddie, AND SPENCER-the rumored 'secret Seddie' shipper-wore plenty of blue, red, and purple. Also, Sam spanked Freddie. And by Freddie's line, "Oh no, it's happening again" OBVIOUSLY meant that Sam HAS spanked Freddie before. Happy? =D

4. Freddie: [picks up knife] Baaad thoughts lead to bad actions, Freddie. [set down knife]. You didn't lol at that? What are you all, DEAD? Believe me, I LOVE Seddie, but that was just too funny. Sure, maybe a bit inappropriate for the younger audiences, but still funny. Get a sense of humor. iCarly is just a teen/tween sitcom. iCarly isn't really geared toward relationships. Go watch the idiot shows like Degrassi (That hog up The N-I get the N channel at my mom's house, but I live with my dad.) if you want relationships. I mean, WHOA. Serious biz there.

Not surprisingly, iSell Penny-Tees was probably the least watched iCarly ep ever.

/End Rant

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