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    September 14, 2010 by Iamaproudseddieshipper

    im a nickelodeon american but i have a cable whch leads to nick arabia (the middle eastern) i do not know how the hell i got it but they showed icarly in english and they put all the episdes in order by the production it was first ipilot then ilike jake but here in america it was ipilot then iwant more viewers....pretty order and plus carly (miranda) sang leave it all to me in a much higher pitch voice which was wierd.


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  • Iamaproudseddieshipper

    hey guys well have you noticed that megan parker (Drake and Josh) is a mixture of sam and freddie?

    Her bad comes from sam

    her techy things (used to prank drake and josh)

    from freddie.



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  • Iamaproudseddieshipper

    Hey guys iamaproudseddieshipper here!

    I AM GOING FAN FICTION! my user name is theproudseddieshipper search my stories up

    okay nathan kress said that seddie and creddie will be major in istart a fanwar

    the fan war is creddie and seddie :o this GOT to epic!

    tell me what you think!


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  • Iamaproudseddieshipper

    Hey guys,

    this is iamaproudseddieshipper and there is this rumor that is bugging me ALOT that I wanted to talk to you about

    First here is my favorite rumor that I am hearing that 40% might happen:

    Carly dates Adam and Sam and Freddie begins dating


    The rumor that has been bugging me that I don't like but is 60% true:

    Carly and Adam dates he relizes he loves Sam they kiss and then Creddie happens

    ( booo

    Well I want to know what is true and what is not so choose MY 1st choice or second



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