• Ian Martin Pennington

    to i carly

    February 19, 2014 by Ian Martin Pennington

    this is my first time to blog to i Carly it seems like you all having fun times together as like i Carly you know exactly you all know what you doing or what you saying to each other and that how friends do for each other as like teamwork and i did watch the and most recent shows and the episode about Seattle beat and also i like i goodbye 1 hour episode it is military and Steven carnal shay is related to Carly shay it is about emotional feelings and having best time in her whole entire lifetime with Steven carnal shay at the dance it seems cool and get down and i like drake and josh that was the classic there i watch most of the time well played and nice acting i know Carly shay in Italy with her father i wish she can couple new season mo…

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