Do you know your iCarly? Take the test and see what you know. If you get them all right "You could get paid. Or not. Probably not. Nope"

Some are extremly easy and some can be a little tricky if you haven't seen some of the episodes.

  1. What is Carly's first name?
  2. Who does Freddie LOVE?
  3. Were is the Groovy Smoothie located if Carly wanted to go there from here apartment?
  4. How many ladies does Spencer go out with or had a crush on all together?
  5. What is Sam's mom's first name?
  6. Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Gibby's school is named.....
  7. Who is George the bra played by?
  8. What does Spencer deeply believe in?

Bonus: This is for people who really know their iCarly extremly well

Name all the ladies Spencer went out with on dates Hint: look at the Guest Stars list or One appearance only page. That might help you

How many animals have been on iCarly? Here's a hint: iMeet Fred, iHatch...., iRocked the vote, and think of other episodes with animals in them

Why is Sam so aggressive to everyone other than Carly?

How many fish has the Shay family owned. Including the ones Spencer kills. Hint: look at episodes

What is Spencer's well know art sculpture?

Which apartment does Carly live in?

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