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My Fancition:iGetBackTogether Part 1

Plot:Sam's Still in love with Freddie but she doesn't now how to tell carly there is a upcoming girl ask guys for 10th graders she wants to ask Freddie to dance she afaird that Freddie will say no?

Sam's POV:Arg I'm so wazzed right now I don't know how I'm going tell Carly that I'm still in Love with Freddie I can't belive I'm still not over him It's been 1 year snice I broke up with him I'm going and I'm knocking wait I never knock

Sam:Hey Carls

Carly:What's up

Sam: I have to tell you something

Carly:What is it?

Sam:I'm Still in LOVE with Freddie


Sam:I Said Still in LOVE with------

Carly:I know what you said but It's normal for you to still love your ex's

Sam:But the Promblem is....

Carly: What's The Promblem

Sam:What if he says no plus I was going to ask to the dance

Carly:well i don't know

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