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Sorry that its been a long time since ive done a blog. Ok ithought this through for 2-3 days. What if dan made an episode where freddie ends up datin carly n sam. And at the end carly n sam know whats goin on. If you dont know what i mean ill show.


Scene 1

Sam:Freddie ithink we need to talk.


Sam:well we just became friends, but are sure we should stay friends forever?
130px-64,289,0,198-350px-733px-Seddie kiss

seddie kiss


Sam:o cuz i thought we could be a little more than friends.

Sam kisses Freddie.

Sam:How did that feel.

Fredward:kinda good.

Sam:well see ya later.

Scene 2

Carly:hey freddie?


Carly:can we talk?

Freddie:i guess

Carly:remember when we were datin but you said we should wait a while.


Carly:ithink we are ready.

Creddie kiss

Freddie:are you sure it hasnt even been that long.

Carly:its been about two years besides iknow you sill want me

Carly kisses freddie

Carly:well i guess ill see ya later


Carly:oh yeah lets keep this between you n me for awhile n then we can tell sam.bye.


Freddie:wow now i have two girlfriends.Oh im in trouble.

Scene 3

Sam:oh fredd lets tell our big news tonight on icarly


Sam:cant talk now sweetie gotta run

she kisses freddies cheick n leaves

Freddie:oh im in big trouble

Scene 4


Carly n Sam:hheeeeeeyyy!!

Carly:im carly

Sam:im sam

Carly n Sam:and this is icarly

Carly:the show was goin to be longer but sam to do things next time cuz she has big news n she cant wait to tell you.

Sam:i really cant ok freddie n i are datin.

Carly:wait what?

Sam:freddie n i are datin arent you happy for us.

Carly:he cant be datin you when hes datin me.

Freddie:and we are clear.I tried to tell you guys but i never got the chance

Carly n Sam:shut up freddie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To Be Continued

So did you guys like the show?leave a coment good or bad i really dont mind.

Note:part 2 will come when i see enough comments.

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